Thursday, April 30, 2009

Odd ends

We've been having yoyo like weather around here. Unusual for Northern California. It was pretty cool, as usual, through February and March, and into April. Then about 10 days ago it didn't get warm -- it got hot! 90+ degree hot. That lasted about three days. Back to cool. Then this morning's paper predicted a high of 71. My online forecaster predicted a high of 63. Hey, fellas! Let's get together on this!

* * *

The other morning I had an appointment with the chiropractor. There are two steps up into his office, and I can negotiate that because there is a hand rail on the right side. (Only my right hand works). But getting out is another story. No railing on my right going down. So one of the young ladies "helps" me out. I grab the door jamb, and step down gingerly. "Where do you want me?" asked the young lady helping me. "Stand in front of me," I said, "because if I fall, I'll land on something soft." "That's okay," she said, "I haven't had a man on top of me for a while."

* * *

The following is from an online scientific journal I subscribe to:
"Can chocolate make you a math genius? A recent study has found that chocolate can not only be healthy for your heart and provide some anti-cancer benefits, but apparently it can also help your math skills.

The study, lead by scientists at the Northumbria University, was presented at the British Psychological Society annual conference. Co-author of this study, Prof David Kennedy stated that they found chocolate to be beneficial for mentally challenging tasks. When given hot cocoa with large amounts of compounds found in chocolate, volunteers performed better on mental arithmetic problems.

The amounts used on the study were 500 mg, equal to about five bars of chocolate. So, if faced with an exam or a demanding task that is due in short notice, then go ahead and binge for one day, but it is not recommended doing it habitually, unless you don't mind a few pounds weight gain along with your math skills' surge!"

We knew that, didn't we?

* * *

I am not an ice hockey fan, but the local paper has been flipping lately as the Sharks won their division title. Then they were wiped out in the first round of the playoffs. Which inspired the following in this morning's paper:

Question: How are the Sharks and the Titanic similar?
Answer: They both look good until they hit the ice.

* * *

Aside to LynnM: Yes, I got it.

* * *

Now the following is not really humor, but I thought it too fascinating to pass up.

This is the new Mercedes S CL 600. There is something rather unusual about it.

Nice looking vehicle, but unusual?

Well, that is a unique way to raise the deck lid, but that's not it. Also, note the moulded in exhaust pipes. That's not it, either.

Nor that.

Ah, now we're getting there. Where is the steering wheel?

And pedals on the floor? Looks like it would be the ideal vehicle for gamesters. Could you drive this with a joy stick?

Just think, a 6 year old might be more adept at driving this than many of us oldsters!


  1. It looks too much like a cheap old Taurus in front, I'm afraid. The trunk lift and doors are cool, though, but the wheel? What on earth? So just how do you steer it, by wiggling the black thingummy where the gearbox should be? Curious!

  2. One thing that really bugs me about my BBC weather page is when it predicts something like: Today's High 58, Low 45, Currently 40. Or Today's High 65, Low 55, Currently 70.