Saturday, April 11, 2009

Odds and Ends

These are my computer glasses. When I’m not wearing them, they hang from the handle of my walker. It is at this time that Pepper performs a valuable service. She makes sure that I keep these spectacles clean. How? Easy. She gets them dirty (you can guess how) so that I have to clean them.

Yes LynnM, the birds are a lot of fun -- so much so that at times they are a pain in the neck. As when I’m typing on the computer, and Pepper climbs up my leg, and demands to have her head rubbed.

And speaking of typing, I have a program on the computer that converts the qwerty keyboard to a different placement of letters for one-handed typing (right hand). If you were to type qwerty on my keyboard, you would get: 56q.or Looks like some kind of code.

Here’s a suggested entertaining website you might enjoy:

And here’s another:


Now for our daily dose of humor --

And Lynn, this is not aimed at you.

There once was a lady named Lynn
Who was so uncommonly thin,
That when she assayed
To drink lemonade,
She slipped through the straw and fell in!


A fussy old widow named Pease
Thought her home was infested with fleas;
So she used gasoline,
And her form was last seen
Sailing over the tops of the trees


  1. Don, do you remember? At the pool? The day my car was parked at the far end of the lot around the corner, ie outside the window of the pool. It was spring. And there was a bird that stationed itself on my driver's side outside mirror the whole time I was in the pool. I thought it was attacking it, and mentioned it to either you or Amalie, to which the response was, it sees itself and it's probably trying to court or feed the other bird. When I got out there and looked, the mirror was all messed up with criss-crosses of bird saliva and that bird was highly reluctant to leave, even with me approaching.

  2. Let's hope Pepper doesn't provide that service too regularly. Oh, and I know that isn't aimed at me because thin I ain't!