Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cleaning day

Today is Wednesday, which for me is laundry day. That’s because my housekeeper, Noemy, comes on Wednesdays. She is from one of the South American countries (Ecuador, I think), and speaks Spanish. When she first started, she spoke practically no English, and we had a bit of a time letting her know what we wanted done. But over the many years she has worked here, her English has improved markedly. Not so for my Spanish. However, we do have a bit we go through when she first arrives on a Wednesday:

Noemy: Buenos Tardes (she arrives after noon)
Me: Buenos Tardes. Como esta?
N: (with feeling) Muy bien! Y usted?
Me: Muy bien, gracias.

And that is about the extent of my Spanish. Oh, and I can count to 5.

The weather has been quite warm the past few days. That’s warm, spelled H O T, as in 90 degree weather. The forecast was for it to cool down today, so this morning I put on a long sleeve sweater. After lunch I was feeling too warm, so I went back to the bedroom to change into a short sleeve shirt. I had just pulled the long sleeve over my head when Noemy stuck her head in. “Can I help you?” “Well you can hang up that shirt, please.” 
Which she did. And then, shades of yesterday’s posting, I said “Gracias”, and she said “you’re welcome”.

You may or may not find today's humor funny. But it certainly is intriguing!

How much does a house weigh and how much weight can a rural two-lane bridge hold???

So! Would this be covered by house insurance, car insurance, or does it come under roadside assistance?

And if it were left there, how would you get in, and where would you park your car?

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