Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chipper update

A couple of days ago I let Chipper out of his cage, and he fluttered to the floor. He seemed unable to fly back up to the counter, and while he tried to climb the ladder that goes from floor to counter, he seemed unable to do that, either. (That's the ladder that Pepper runs up and down like a little monkey).

So I put his cage on the floor (he won't come to me), and he was able to climb that little ladder into his cage.

I talked to the vet who said that it sounds as if Chipper has some neurological damage. He may get better, or he may stay the same, but he does not expect the bird to get any worse.

This morning he flew down, but flew slightly farther than before. I hope that's a good sign.

Yesterday I posted a photo of an unusual painted mural on a ceiling. Today's mural is that of a bathroom floor.


  1. Yowsers, what a picture! Okay, I had a friend who, when we were teenagers, had a rusted-out old VW bug that had been through too many winters in a climate where they put salt on the road to melt the snow. So. One day she put in the clutch and the bottom of the car below her feet fell off into the road! She was driving down the road with her pedals below her and nothing else there!

    That picture, though...Got a spare parachute?

  2. Good health wishes for Chipper!

  3. Hi, Don. I'm another blog-world friend of Alison's, and have so enjoyed your jokes and humor on her blog. Now I can come here for more of it! Nice to "meet" you and your family. I'm a critter lover, too. Three dogs (Corgis), a cat (former stray, Himalayan mix), and I'm babysitting my mother-in-law's canary until she's well enough to take him back again. (She had pneumonia this winter, and is getting her strength back now, but slowly.)

    I'm glad you're blogging, and will look forward to reading you! :-)