Thursday, April 9, 2009

Help in the house

Several years ago Amalie said she was tired of cooking dinners, and what could we do about it, in addition to eating out more often. Turns out that the answer was quite simple.

Eric, who lives here in our mobile home park, is self employed, helping seniors with whatever they need. He had worked for a while in a nursing facility, so he is well qualified for the work he does. He said he also likes to cook. So for an agreed upon fee he began to cook for the two of us twice a week. His servings were so large that Am and I took to splitting each portion in half, and having it a second night. Now that was four meals each that Am didn’t have to cook, and she was satisfied with that.

After Amalie passed away, Eric took to splitting the meals himself and putting the second portion in the refrigerator. But the portion on the plate is still as big as ever, so I’m getting a lot of food in the course of a week. Some end up as lunches, and sometimes I have so much leftover that I invite a neighbor to come join me for dinner. Thank Heaven Eric cooks what I like.

Eric also does other chores for me. He helps me each morning to clean the birds’ cages, takes out the garbage, and makes the bed. Now that last is an interesting story. For years Am and I had made the bed each morning. As I grew weaker over time, bending over became more and more difficult. So I kept complaining that I wanted an automatic bed maker. Yeah, yeah. Then I broke my ankle, and Eric became the “automatic” bed maker. Well, “automatic” from my viewpoint.

One other item of note: Every month Eric goes to visit his father up in the Napa Valley. When Am was alive, she and I struggled to make the bed. Those days became known as “Eric Appreciation Day”

The humor today is a little different. These were emailed to me just this morning. Each picture represents a saying or phrase. Try to figure out each before looking at the answers at the bottom. And then more tomorrow, or another day:

One - light beer
Two - card shark
Three - assaulted peanut


  1. Thank Goodness for such a willing helper! Love your jokes, Don.

  2. Got 1 and 2 but couldn't figure out 3. That's my favorite!

    I don't know about you but sometimes I prefer leftovers to the original meal, maybe because there was no new cooking involved!

  3. Immersed in taxes over here... I need me an Eric!