Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Asking the proper question

The question is not “What is Pepper doing on my clothes hamper?” The proper question is “How did she get there?”

Her wings are clipped, but she is a very clever bird, as are all members of the parrot family. And she loves to climb, as previously mentioned.

Now that is my walker in the background. Pepper begins on the ground.

She starts her way up by climbing/ jumping/ fluttering onto that little fender just above the left rear wheel. She'd much rather I pick her up, but as mentioned, she is quite capable.

Then she clambers up the brake cable, checking her distance off the ground every now and then to see if she is at the height she wants.

And when she finds herself about level with her target, she simply jumps across. I've never seen her miss.

Of course if I want to show her off, she will have none of it.

Okay, something funny:

A fellow owned one of those big grandfather clocks, of which he was inordinately proud. But one day the clock did not seem to be working properly, so he hunted for a watchmaker/repair place where he could get it fixed. He finally found a little German watchmaker who said he could fix it. So he hauled it down to the watchmaker’s (which reminds me of another joke -- see below).

The little watchmaker, who stood all of 5 foot nothing, said, “Und vot seems to be ze matter?”
“Well,” said the young man, “it used to go ‘tick, tock, tick tock’, but now it just goes ‘ticktickticktick’ “.
“Ah, ha!” said the watchmaker, as he drew a small stool over in front of the clock. He stood up on the stool so that his own face was level with the clock face, and said, “Ve haf vays to make you tock!”

* * *

Other story:
The fellow found that the clock wouldn’t fit in his small car, so he carried it on his back to the watchmaker’s. One guy he passed on the street said, “Why don’t you get a wrist watch like everybody else!?”

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