Saturday, March 30, 2013


The first two pics are from the clubhouse of our mobilehome park.  The last one is a cartoon I found somewhere.

As you can see, I'm right on the ball for Easter!

I'm bowled over!  Looks like I laid an Easter egg!

Which resulted in ...

Friday, March 29, 2013


 What on earth is going on here?  Mr. Gexton, you may find this interesting.

 Rather strange road striping.

 Are they digging a hole?

 They are painting a hole?

 What is he standing on?

 Looks deep.

 Look at the bucket on the left side. It is apparently floating in the air.

 I suspect that this is the painter (artist).

 Wow! Walking in midair!


Dear God, Did you mean for giraffes to look like that or was it an accident?  

Dear God, In bible times, did they really talk that fancy?  Jennifer

Dear God, How come you did all those miracles in the old days and don't do any now?  Billy

Dear God, Please send Dennis Clark to a different summer camp this year.  

Dear God, Maybe Cain and Abel would not kill each other so much if they each had their own rooms. It works out OK with me and my brother. 

Dear God, I keep waiting for spring, but it never did come yet. What's up? Don't forget.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Fishing on the Northern Fraser River in British Colombia, Canada.

Can I fish, too?

 Move it, buddy! I'm trying to fish.

 I am trying to catch fish; not deer.

 He is kinda cute, isn't he?

 Whatcha want, Buddy?

 Oh! You're hungry!

 Yeah, that's pretty tasty.

Wow!   You really go for that!

Okay, I give up. You and I can play.  I can fish anytime.

Humor --


One day the first grade teacher was reading the story of Chicken Little to her class.  She came to the part where Chicken Little warns the farmer. She read, "and Chicken Little went up to the farmer and said,  'The sky is falling!'"  The teacher then asked the class, "And what do you think the farmer said?"  One little girl raised
her hand and said, "I think he said, 'Holy mackerel!  A talking chicken!'"

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 These creatures make us laugh.  Well, they make me laugh.

 Off we go into the wild blue yonder.

 He doesn't mind our finding a soft spot.

 Cat? What cat?

 Hang on, kids. We're going for a walk

 It's okay, we don't bite.

 Really, Buster! My mom usually cleans me up.

 I don't really come from McDonald's.

Dis keep me safe from intruders.

Humor -


Q. What if I'm away from home and I get sick?
A. You really shouldn't do that.

* * *
Q. I think I need to see a specialist, but my doctor insists he can handle my problem. Can a general
practitioner really perform a heart transplant right in his/her office?

A. Hard to say, but considering that all you're risking is the $20 co-payment, there's no harm in
giving it a shot.

* * *
Q. Will health care be different in the next century?
A. No, but if you call right now, you might get an appointment by then.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


 Here are the remainder of these rather unusual photographs.

Palawan Underground River or St. Paul Subterranean River – 
Longest Navigable Underground River in the World.

The Seven Sisters is the 39th tallest waterfall in Norway .

Plitvice Lakes National Park in the Lika region of Croatia .

Amazing Norway!

Sea Caves near Benagil Beach, Algarve, Portugal .

Beautiful village of Hallstatt - Austria

The beautiful Victoria Falls is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Africa

Beautiful display of the balance between predators and prey in nature.

Fun --


Dear God, Is it true my father won't get in Heaven if he uses his golf words in the house?  Anita

Dear God, I bet it's very hard for you to love all of everybody in the whole world. There are only 4
people in our family and I can never do it.  Nancy

Dear God, I like the story about Noah the best of all of them. You really made up some good ones. I like
walking on water, too.  Glenn

Dear God, My grandpa says you were around when he was a little boy. How far back do you go?
Love, Dennis

Dear God, Do you draw the lines around the countries? If you don't, who does?  Nathan

Monday, March 25, 2013


Choose your own adjectives!  The text came with the pics.

In Nakhon Pathom Province there is a 17 story building that has a giant dragon climbing to the roof. The head is at the top where there is a shrine and the tail is on the ground floor. The dragon is hollow and it is possible to walk up some sections of it.

Leapin’ lizards, er, dolphins!

The Aiguille du Midi cable car leaves from the centre of Chamonix . It takes visitors 
up to 12,604 feet for a stunning view of the French, Swiss and Italian alps.

Jungfrau Mountain Range, Switzerland

The Melisanni Cave, Greece. This beautiful cave, which was discovered in 1951 and is 
surrounded by forests, features in Greek mythology as the cave of the nymphs.

Piva Canyon, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lake Mellisani on the island of Kephalonia Greece .   

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a transparent horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge and tourist attraction in Arizona near the Colorado River.  It was commissioned and is owned by the Hualapai Indian tribe and was unveiled March 20, 2007. It opened to the general public on March 28, 2007.

Humor (it better be) --


Q. Can I get coverage for my preexisting conditions?
A. Certainly, as long as they don't require any

* * *
Q What happens if I want to try alternative forms of
A. You'll need to find alternative forms of payment.

* * *
Q. My pharmacy plan only covers generic drugs, but I need the name brand. I tried the generic medication, but it gave me a stomach ache. What should I do?
A. Poke yourself in the eye.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


 We never know what to expect from these creatures. Have a look.

 I keep a look out while he snoozes.

Dis be  mine! You can't  have him.  Go away!

 But Oscar, I don't need protecting.

 Hey! No peeking!

 Here! This is the third time I've brought him back. Next time you do it!

There, there, it's all right. Next time I'll help you cross the street.

Smoochy kiss!


I was out walking with my 4-year-old daughter. She picked up something off the ground and started to put
it in her mouth. I took the item away from her and I asked her not to do that.

"Why?" my daughter asked.

"Because it's been lying outside, you don't know where it's been, it's dirty and probably has germs," I replied.
At this point, my daughter looked at me with total admiration and asked, “Wow! How do you know all this stuff?"

"Uh," ...I was thinking quickly. "All moms know this stuff. It's on the Mommy Test. You have to know it, or
they don't let you be a Mommy."

We walked along in silence for 2 or 3 minutes, but she was evidently pondering this new information.

"Oh, I get it!" she beamed, "So if you don't pass the test you have to be the daddy."

"Exactly," I replied back with a big smile on my face and joy in my heart.