Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This won’t hurt a bit.  The question is, what is that at the back of my shoe?  No, I’m not wearing spats.

Well, here’s a better view, but still, what is it?

Let me give you a bit of background.  As many of you know, the left side of my body was drastically affected by a brain injury some 26 years ago.  About a year ago my left ankle decided, without any input from Donald Central, to turn over to the left.  Since I never learned to walk on the edge of my shoe, that had a tendency to throw me off balance, and unless I grabbed something - quick - I would fall down, go boom!

Various physical therapists have suggested a leg brace, but they all went inside the shoe,which meant that I would have to buy new shoes.  Um, no, thanks.

Aha!  Now you think that gadget is a leg brace!  You’re right, but with a difference.  Beverly, my latest physical therapist, made the same suggestion as the others, but when I objected, she said to try it on the outside of the shoe!  And that works!  Even if my foot starts to turn out, the brace keeps its from going too far, and I’m not in danger of falling.  It’s even so comfortable, that unless I look down, I’m not even aware of it.  No, I don’t wear it in the shower.

Humor -


~ You can rent a movie and buy bait in the same store.

~ “Y'all" is both singular and plural.

~ After five years you still hear, "You ain't from 'round here, are ya?"

~ Everyone has two first names: Billy Bob, Jimmy Bob, Mary Sue, Betty Jean, Mary Beth, etc.

~ You carry your $3,000 mountain bike atop your $500 car.

~ You tell your husband to pick up Granola on his way home and he stops at the day care center.

~ A pass does not involve a football or dating.


  1. Nah, if you want plural in the deep South you say all y'all.

    Glad you got a brace-let that works!

  2. I had a leg braced formed from shower safe material, it worked great while I could use it. My ankle later deteriorated so that the brace was no longer enough, but it was really good to go from not walking well to strutting my stuff :-}

  3. Excellent ankle brace. When my daughter was young she suffered with some minor ankle injuries and used a simple support while on the mend but the shoe issue was the same. Yup, needed a lace-up which she could tighten on the good foot and was loose enough over the support. Cool your brace works over the shoe.

  4. So glad that your new therapist listened to you and that you found something that works for you!

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