Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Couple of topics + humor

A rather stupid thing happened this morning. I was sitting on the bed, getting dressed when I leaned over for a piece of Kleenex, blew my nose, and ... slid off the bed. No, that is not funny! My handicap does not allow me to pick myself up, so I hit my emergency call button, and wait for the fire department to come pick me up. “Are you hurt?” they asked when they showed up. “Only my pride,” I said.

Topic change: Headline in this morning’s paper -- BUTTERFLY - Millions on annual trek north. The picture in my mind is all these butterflies hiking up the freeway with little knapsacks slung over their backs. Trek?

The ceiling in the picture below is a painting.


  1. You're just going to have to blow that nose more gently, Don. Goodness. I'm glad you've got that button.

    And thank you for that mental image of the butterflies--too funny.

    Where on earth did you find that ceiling?

  2. Alison's right--good thing! A few months ago I half fell out of bed. Too close to the edge of my sagging mattress and I fell only a few inches to the the bed frame but the edge was so sharp and must have hit an artery in my thigh. The bruise was enormous! Hard to believe something so minor could cause such an injury!--LynnM