Sunday, March 29, 2009

In response to my posting yesterday about Pepper, and the cartoon about the cat, Joansie had this to say:

Kitty looks so comfortable but I'd keep an eye on my bird. :>)

Well, here's a possible safety feature:

On the other hand ...

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  1. Oh, really made me laugh so I have to tell you this story even though it may be a little lenghty.

    Years ago I went to pick up a new kitten at someone's home. On the return trip home I regretted not getting two of them because I didn't want "Hope" to be lonely.

    The following weekend, after a quick phone call, I went to pick up "Faith". She had these vertical marks down the front of her face and when I asked the owner what had happened I was told that she had been trying to clean out the bird cage that was now sitting on a stool. She went to answer the phone and when she returned, the kitten had pushed his face into the cage so hard, trying to get to the bird, that he left an imprint on it's little face.

    That poor bird was lucky to not have a heart attack.