Friday, May 1, 2009

Weather or not

I like to keep track of the weather. Here you see an external digital thermometer that hangs on the window outside of my dining room. The temper- ature you see is in my driveway at about 1:30 p.m. It is somewhat cooler out on the street. It is overcast, and has been raining off and on out here in (ahem) sunny California.

In yesterday's post I note that the local newspaper predicted a high of 71 degrees, while the online weather high was 63. The actual high? 67 degrees. I think that's called splitting the difference, or maybe compromise.

In case you missed the comment on the weather from LynnM, here it is, 'cause I think it is funny:

"One thing that really bugs me about my BBC weather page is when it predicts something like: Today's High 58, Low 45, Currently 40. Or Today's High 65, Low 55, Currently 70."

The weather report is even right sometimes.

Now I don't know if you will find this video funny or not, but it sure looked like a lot of fun. Turn up the volume!


  1. When the saints go marching in. That's the part that's like a lion, then they march out again it's like a lamb, right?

  2. That was fun! Knitter marianne has a blog though she doesn't post very often. Her last post

    has an embedded YouTube clip on the bottom you might enjoy. I'm sure she won't mind if you don't read the clog and shawl parts.