Thursday, May 21, 2009

Household tip

These are loaf locks. Very handy, and as you can see, quite patriotic. Okay, I deliberately chosh those three colors for this photo.

If you are think "loaf" as in "loaf of bread", you are absolutely right.

But these clips are useful in other applications. How about clipping closed the lips of that tiresome individual who will not cease talking!

But I use them to close packages of shredded potatoes and grated cheese, and ...

frozen peas, and ...

even fresh fruit.

I'll bet you could come up with even more uses.


  1. I like your loaf locks! Lately I've noticed that the plastic baggie people have been making the twisty metal ties shorter. Okay, still big enough for a sandwich bag but not large enough for the frozen peas, etc. Sometimes I need to twist two together to make a big enough tie.

  2. ok I am cheap but I buy a big package of the old fashioned wooden clothes pins that clip and use them -- and the big package lasts forever :D

    But I sure do like those colors --

    hope you are feeling better quickly soon- saw on SpinDyeKnit you are under the weather ....