Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It had been two and a half days since I’d been out of the house, and the weather has been just gorgeous. So I said to Cliff, “I want to go out on my scooter this afternoon.”  I need his help because while I have an elevator to get me to ground level, and I am able to move on my own, Cliff is afraid I’ll fall and break something.  So he takes me down to the scooter in the wheelchair, and I go from there.

There is a very nice park in the next block and across the street, so that’s where I headed. And as I scooted down the sidewalk, I saw several handmade signs saying there was a sale at a house the address for which indicated a house across the street.  I thought to myself that perhaps I’d have a look on my way home.

The park was occupied by the “usual suspects” -- a father pushing his youngster on a swing, little ones on two wheel scooters, mothers watching youngsters using the slide, people walking their dogs (or was it the other way around?), several people talking on their cell phones ... well, you get the idea.

I found a shady spot under a tree, and pulled out my magazine to read. After a while, a breeze came up, and was fluttering the magazine pages.  So I decided it was time to leave, and also take a look at what was for sale.

This was not a garage sale. The gentleman had several racks of rather pricey wooden bowls for sale -- $30 to $50 for the ones I looked at. Very attractive, but not for me. What did catch my eye, though, was a sign the gentleman had posted:

Fun --

And speaking of dogs and other people ...

When do I get to use the lower bunk?

This kid's got the right idea!

...and so does Snoopy!


  1. Glad you got to go out and enjoy the day! That's a beautiful park, too.

  2. I know a lot of dog owners who don't have that sign but think the same thing!

    That magazine blowing breeze happens here, too. Just when I get settled on a nice day, the weather turns (well, it is Ulster so the only thing you can count on weatherwise is that it WILL change. They don't say 4 seasons in an HOUR for no reason.)