Monday, October 28, 2013


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I agree that this a strange collection of pics.

 I should be in politics.  I'm transparent.

I am having nothing to do with what appears to be a 3-headed snake!


All dressed up.

Well, you needn't get all puffed up!

Another beauty

Big fella. Looks tired.

Probably from outer space.

Humor --


Jack and Jill
Jogged up the hill,
Their breath came
Faster and faster.

Before the top
They made a stop,
Narrowly averting
A myocardial disaster.

Jack tried to be nimble
He tried to be quick.
He shot hoops with young guys
And ruptured a disc.

Oh where, oh where
Has my Estrogen gone?
Oh where, oh where can it be?
I was once young and fair
Now I sprout facial hair
Oh hormones, come back to me.

Low-fat cake, no-cal shake
Pritikin man,
I’ve tried every diet
From here to Japan.

I’ve poached it, I’ve steamed it,
I’ve drunk herbal tea.
I think from now on
I’ll just let myself be.


  1. We used to live near the Anheuser Busch factory in New Hampshire and the Clydesdales were kept there. (Is there more than one team of them? I don't know.) Anyway, never got to see them up close because we never took the tour. What on earth were a couple of Mormons going to do with the free samples, y'know? It just seemed too strange.

  2. I think the three-headed snake might be more likely to get ahead in politics these days.

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