Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This is for real! Honest! I thought this most appropriate following yesterday's blog on Food Rules.

The weekly grocery ads show up on Tuesdays with the morning paper, and I take a look to see what is on sale. As I scanned through this morning, this caught my eye:

Muscle milk? What on earth is that? Milk made from muscles? Or mussels? Note that the ad says that there are select varieties. Is that muscles, or the milk? The CRV tells me it comes in a bottle. I think I'll pass this week. If anyone has any info on this product, I'd appreciate your letting me know.

In another ad, I saw something called Skinny Cow. I don't even want to reflect on that.


  1. My Nivea Shower Cream is made with "Invigorating Orange Blossom Scent and Caring Bamboo Milk." Also there's a sticker: "Soft skin feeling HYDRA IQ." I guess someone who wants milk for their muscles may also want caring "BAMBOO" milk for their skin. BTW, I bought it because it was cheap and smelled nice, ha! (I think it has the IQ of a Baboon or Bamboo. But maybe that refers to the people who buy it.)

  2. Skinny Cow is a low-fat ice cream sandwich with I think nonfat ice cream. And it's not skinny, it's pretty plump.