Thursday, October 3, 2013


Cliff and I attended a concert last Sunday, but we almost didn’t make it.  That morning I opened the folder in which I keep event tickets, but ... but ... no concert tickets.

Where might I have put them?  I distinctly remembered their arrival in the mail. So I started searching.  The top of my desk, the side of the desk, in the desk, under the desk, (over the desk?), in my wallet, in my walker, in my carry bag, around the computer.  No luck.

Then Cliff walked in.  “I can’t find the concert tickets, “ I said.
“This it?” he asked, as he picked up a piece of paper off my desk with the concert tickets attached.
“Uh, yeah.”

I’m glad we got to go. It was a terrific concert, featuring this husband-wife performing team.

Fun --

Today’s humor comes to us courtesy of Miss Manners:

Dear Miss Manners:
What is the proper thing to say to a co-worker who has just had breast augmentation done by choice? It will be obvious that she had this done. Some of us who work in the office with her don’t know what to say once she comes back to work.

Gentle Reader:
Usually, those who claimed that they “don’t know what to say” mean that they are reluctant to use conventional phrases, not realizing that those are the time-proven best. However, in such cases as yours, it may be that they dimly suspect that they should shut up. That would be Miss Manners’ advice, immediately after saying, “Glad to see you back.” There is no polite way to say, “Wow! I see that your bosom is a lot bigger.”


  1. Well spotted, Cliff!

    I didn't comment on yesterday's post but I really liked the hedgehog.