Wednesday, November 2, 2011


A rather strange series of events occurred the other day.  Joansie is a knitter, lives somewhere in New England (Vermont, I believe) and may have been among the group of knitters who, a couple of years ago, talked me into starting this blog.  I do remember that Joansie was commenting on my posts, and then after a while I didn’t hear from her.  She still may be watching the blog.  Then the other day I received an email from her that did not appear to be meant for me. The email included a link to her blog, so I was browsing around.  There was some mention of whoopie pies, about which I know nothing.

I emailed Joansie to say I thought her email to me was a mistake, and she confirmed that was so.  It was intended for a different Donald.

Now Russ and Sandy are long-time good friends, and they have been on vacation back in New England.  Sandy has been sending daily emails describing their travels (and occasional travails), along with many photographs.  This is one of the included pics:

She had a whoopie pie!  That would not have meant anything to me had I not seen Joansie’s blog!  So I forwarded that photo to Joansie, and this is the response I received from her:

OMG....I love, love, love Amato's.  Always get a sandwich from them when I go back home to Maine.  They started in a tough part of Portland, Maine back when I was in high school.  Always a line out the door.  Expanded all up the East Coast now.  You should see the family home overlooking a beautiful lighthouse and ocean.  Millionaires they are now.  Sandwiches are reasonably priced and bread extremely fresh.
Thanks for sharing pic.  It made me smile.

Yeah, I’ll do most anything to get a smile, even accidentally.

Let’s all welcome Lina Arfah, the latest follower of this blog.
She says, “Perempuan sederhana dengan berjuta mimpi,”
which Google tells me is Indonesian, and translates that line as
“A simple woman with a dream millions”.

And translating that so Lina can read it:

Dan menerjemahkan bahwa begitu Lina dapat membacanya:
Marilah kita semua menyambut Lina Arfah, pengikut terbaru dari blog ini.
Dia mengatakan, "Perempuan Sederhana DENGAN berjuta mimpi,"
yang Google memberitahu saya adalah Bahasa Indonesia, dan menterjemahkan garis sebagai
"Seorang wanita sederhana dengan mimpi jutaan".

Atau apakah Anda membaca bahasa Inggris?


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  1. Laughed out loud at that last one, love the middle one especially.

  2. Whoopie Pies! I wish I could get my hands on one now.

  3. i thought a whoopie pie was something like a dessert...i learn something new every day! Thanks!

  4. many thanks for your welcome in this wonderful blog, I really appreciate. My name is Nurlina Arfah...just call me "Lina" I'm from Indonesia, glad to know you, you are very humorous, may you live longer...