Tuesday, November 8, 2011


When I heard that Diana had fallen, and could use only one hand when typing, I sent her a a photo of my keyboard.  She emailed back that she found it interesting, and perhaps I should show it on my blog.

I have not had the use of my left hand and arm since my brain injury back in 1986.
Here is my computer keyboard.  Take a look.

Back then my wife found a program that would convert the position of the keys on a standard computer keyboard for either the left or right hand (right, for me) putting the most used keys under my good hand.  I used to be a touch typist, but not now, though my fingers are pretty good at going in the right direction.

The black letters are mine, but if you look closely, you can see the qwerty board, too.
I can convert from one to the other.  The H, N, and the first 4 digits are the same in both configurations.

Funny cartoons -


  1. I'm glad that works well for you! It's got that little-kid joy: bouncy bounce!

  2. My comment didn't register. (I'm hurt.)

    I use one hand when I'm drinking tea in the morning. This could be useful.