Saturday, November 26, 2011


I really must say what a great Thanksgiving Cliff and I had!  We, along with two others, were invited to the home of Russ and Sandy.  They had a magnificent spread, and that was just the noon time snacks.  This photo (thank you, Sandy) shows five of us.  Sandy was taking the picture.  I look as if I’m saying, “Why are you
interrupting my salad?  Marvelous food, great and sometimes hilarious conversation.  Oh, and I mustn’t forget J.D. and Snickers!  They are the timekeepers. 

Okay, I suppose I should explain.  The 6 of us sat down to dinner at 4 p.m.  Promptly at 5, the timekeepers let Russ and Sandy know what time it was, so Sandy had to go and feed these two lovely ladies -- the two golden retrievers.

Now if you believe as I do that I took a lousy photo, I have a recent alternative.  Our good friend Boyd was celebrating his 90th birthday.  He helped his daughter put this event together to which a goodly number of friends, including Cliff and I, were invited.  In the invitation we were told that we would be given the opportunity to make comments, congratulatory or otherwise, if we so wished.  So here I am, making my comments.

Now here is a photo of Boyd, who was standing right behind me at the time.  He looks less 90 years old than I, do you agree? 

A small bit of humor --

I always start running in the fall… Not all of me, just my nose.


I just love the foliage on the first day of November when the colors change instantly
from orange and black to red and green.


  1. Love it! Happy birthday to Boyd (which is my brother-in-law's name too.)

  2. Looks like a wonderful Turkey day and celebration for your man Boyd, too.