Sunday, November 13, 2011

GARAGE DOORS, concluded

Someone thought these might be Photoshopped.  I don't know.  Any opinions?

Where’s the construction project?

Show me the Red Baron!  I’ll get him!

Ah, the wine cellar

Outta the way!  I got a war to fight.
or --  Tanks for the memory!

Impressive, no?
(Don’t you dare say no)

Hey!  Off the tracks!

I just love riding on the fire engine!

Get ready for a night on the town


We have all the instruments; now we need musicians.

Going up or going down -- pick one.

Humor --

The locomotive - number 6, reminds me of a very old joke:

How do you pronounce 'two'?

Ok, how do you pronounce 'too'?

Good.  What is the last name under which Samuel Clemens wrote?

Very good.  Now put those three words together.
Two, too, Twain.

Excellent.  Now tomorrow I'll teach you how to say "locomotive'.

(Go ahead, shoot me for that one.)


  1. Darn, lost it again. sigh (was just groaning about your Tanks for the Memory.)

  2. The fire engine, the car--never Mark Twain shall meet.

  3. I like that humor, two..too..twain :D