Monday, November 7, 2011

KIDS AND PETS, concluded

If you liked the first batch, you'll love these.  If you didn't, well ...

I am NOT hogging this pillow!

At least he’s not sitting on my head

Yes, please watch Lassie on TV with me.

Maybe the dog needs the pacifier!

Ah!  Just the right height so I can get into trouble.

Ole sausage face tastes purdy good!

Are those real live dogs?

Humor --
If you don’t like this one, blame me ‘cause I made it up

George was dating a young lady named Edith, but George’s mother did not like Edith.  She kept telling George to ‘dump’ her.  But George was old enough to choose his own friends, so he ignored his mother.  One day Mother phoned her son.  “George,” she said, “I’ve baked your favorite cake, and I’d like to bring it over.”  “Sure,” said George.  “Any time.”  “Have you gotten rid of that girl friend of yours?” she asked.  “No, mom.  Quit bugging me about that.”  “Then forget about what I baked.  You can’t have your cake and Edith, too.”