Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween, and time to dress up!  Both staff and participants wore costumes (yes, I'm in this group somewhere) and I was snapping pictures as fast as I could.  Some came out well, and others not so well, so not everyone is here.  Couldn't always get them to stand still long enough.  Nonetheless, have a look --

 That's a St. Louis Cards cap he is wearing.  Now, go back and find Little Red  Riding Hood, and then locate her Grandma.  No, it wasn't planned that way.  No Wolf, as far as I know.

A touch more of Halloween humor --
From the morning paper:

My daddy says that if you want a real scary costume, dress up as a politician.


  1. what a fun group! I spotted you in your dashing hat and shades :-}
    and I love the fairy costume the best!

  2. Love it! So, did your nephew Jack hold up a lantern, wherever he was?

  3. You guys would have raked in a ton o' candy if you took that act onto the streets!