Friday, November 4, 2011

ANIMAL PAIRS, concluded

These are a bit unusual.  Captions by guess who --

You don’t look like me, but I love you anyway.

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t roll over on top of me.

I’m bigger ‘n you!
Yeah, but I kin scratch your eyes out!

Ooh, nice soft fur!

You look good enough to eat.

Time for neck scritches.

Look out!  I may be small, but I have a mean kick!

Yeah, we’re buddies.  So what?

I think I’ll stay up here where it’s dry.

Listen, pssst, pssst

You’re not a dog?  No kidding!

Humor --

A woman was shopping at a grocery store picking up cat food for a friend.  She didn't have a cat herself, so she asked the clerk if she would get a senior discount for the cat food.  "Don't know," said the clerk.  "How old is the cat?"

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