Friday, June 10, 2011


The other day I found I was getting a lot of nothing from my iPod.  So Cliff drove me to my favorite Apple store where they checked out the gadget and concluded that nothing was wrong with it.  Had to be the headset.  (I’m glad they didn’t say that it was my head.)  Now that may sound funny to you -- the head set, that is, but mine is wireless that I bought online a little over a year ago.  Which, of course, puts it out of warranty.  I called the seller who referred me to the manufacturer.  Said manufacturer is selling me a replacement at a somewhat reduced price.  That’s one.

Then the icon for my external backup disc disappeared from my computer desktop.  I fiddle diddled with it for a while, but with no success, so I called the manufacturer.   Tech support decided I needed a new connection cable, and it turned out they were right.  I’ve got my icon back  That’s two.

And that same day my monitor screen went black  Ack!  It had power, so that was not the problem.  Checked the plug-in to the computer.  A little loose.  Pushed it in.  Monitor screen considerably brightened!  That’s three.  That’s enough!  I love happy endings.


I captured the following from a video.  You may consider it funny or horrifying.  The question at the beginning of the video was “How close to the railroad tracks can you put a vegetable stand?”  You may be the judge.

In the video, as the train approaches, the vendors pull in the awnings, and as soon as the train goes by, they put them out again.  I have no idea where this is.


  1. I guess that train passes through a part of San Francisco you don't get to.

    Good news on all the techie issues. When Ems goes to university in August I'm cancelling the satellite package and considering making changes to broadband. The thought already fills me with dread. New boxes, new hub--aaargh.

  2. Wow. Who built the train line, PG&E?

  3. My guess is it's somewhere very, very crowded!
    Glad the issues stopped at three!