Thursday, June 9, 2011


These photos don't need any comment from me.  However ...

I've been framed

Hope that's not helium in the balloon


Fun -

This is a story which is perfectly logical to all males:

A wife asks her husband, "Could you please go shopping
for me and buy a quart of milk, and if they have eggs, get 6."

A short time later the husband comes back with 6 quarts of milk.

The wife asks him, "Why the heck did you buy 6 quarts of milk?"

He replied, "They had eggs."


  1. Here, hold that ladder there a little longer, let me put a little peanut butter at the top, just enough to hold up these sunflower seeds... There you go! Squirrels on the moon instead of the six in my backyard hoping I won't notice them trying to raid my birdseed!

  2. i love these! very clever photography!