Monday, June 6, 2011


Really!  I didn’t see it!  And I’m a prety good prof reder, too.  My editor spoted it, and aksed me abot it.  Do yu see whot I mean?

Google is my online home page.  When I went online Sunday morning, this is what I saw --

I’d been having a bit of a problem with my word processor, and could not figure out a way to solve it.  So I called Mac tech support (yeah, I’m a Mac user) and explained the problem.  This was a new one to the young lady, so she asked if I would wait a few minutes while she researched it.  Sure.  A couple of minutes later she came back and had me try something.  Didn’t work.  So she was off to look further during which time I fiddled again with it, and accidentally solved the problem.

When tech returned, she said she had discovered that the problem was rare, but had been seen by others.  The thing to do was ...  At which point I interrupted and said I’d fixed it.  And I described what I’d done.  Very simple.  There was silence at the other end, so I started to say something.  “Wait,” she said, “I’m writing it down.”  And then she said “Want a job?”

California has been WET lately. The wettest June in decades.  Someone has suggested that the name of the month should be Juneuary.  At least it didn’t rain on my birthday! 

Cartoon -


  1. LOL! Good to know Mac listens to user solutions!
    We are PC folk here in the Otter holt, but I have used Macs back when they were the best at graphical stuff (I used to write a newsletter using Pagemaker back in the stone age).

  2. Your cake was just waiting for "U" to appear!