Friday, June 24, 2011


In brief, it has been a lousy week.  That’s spelled M I S E R A B L E.  For starters, Cliff went to the hospital Sunday  with a splitting headache.  He is still there.  Then I developed pain in my right shoulder/neck/arm that the chiropractor has been working on all week.  He is not done, yet.  I go back again on  Friday, with another appointment scheduled on Monday.  What is interesting about the Friday appointment is that he is not there on Fridays, but he will be this week.  With Cliff in the hospital (and they don’t know when he is getting out) I have to keep struggling to get appropriate transportation. 

Fortunately, I do now have some Home Care Service, but it would be helpful if I knew when Cliff was coming home.  Nikki, the young lady provided by Home Care, is a registered CNA, and quite capable in handling me, including driving me, in my mini van, to and from doctor appointments.  She saw my birds, and now she wants a bird for herself.

Next day:
Just heard from Cliff.  He says he is probably coming home today (Friday).  That solves a lot of problems.


This day started interestingly.  I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but my two birds do not get along.  In fact,
although Pepper is about three times the size of Chipper, he does seem to be afraid of Chip.  I don't allow Pepper in Chipper's cage -- it's too small for her, but he will try every now and then.  So this morning when I saw Pep climbing into Chip's cage, I ordered her out.  It was then that I saw the Pink one in Pep's cage, so had to shoo her out.

Pepper then went into her own cage to eat.  A little while later I looked up and there was Chip once again in the wrong cage.  Shoo!  And it happened a third time.  Children!  Children!  Behave!

Humor -


  1. Somebody didn't proofread that sign. But I bet Pepper is very proud at the idea that he could scare off bears! Says so right there!

  2. I hope Clif is alright.
    And pets are a LOT like children. I used to have a big dog who was terrified of my sweet kitty. Of course, as Oscar says: "Cats are sharp on 5 out of their 6 ends."

  3. I hope a calm, relaxing weekend makes up for such a difficult week. Hope Cliff is feeling better, too, and they found what's causing the pain. If not, don't forget my lousy experiences w/OTC antihistamines.

  4. sorry that you had such a rough week - next week will be better, right?! hang in there, Don....