Saturday, September 25, 2010


I found these on an old backup disk, and thought you might enjoy them.  Some of the scenery is beautiful, too.

Fun -

During naval flight training the instructor kept referring to the engine as the “air conditioner.”  When asked why, he replied, “because when it stops turning, you start sweating.”

The four year old could not take his eyes off the Most Wanted posters in the post office.  Finally he asked, “Why didn’t they capture these guys when they took their pictures?”


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Don.

    There's a Malabrigo colorway called Whales Road, shades of blue with a splash of purple and of dark and I always wanted to ask them what inspired the name. Which made me enjoy your pictures all the more.

  2. Beautiful Whales!
    I especially laughed at the final funny :-}
    Alison reminded me, I have some Whales Road lace-weight in my stash... hmmmmmm....
    I love the wavy shapes of the fins.. maybe I can take a try at designing my own lace pattern