Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It’s not too often that I become frustrated, but yesterday was one of those days.  I’m due for my six month checkup at the Veterans Administration, and I tried to reach the proper department to make an appointment.  I dialed the given telephone number, and went through the phone tree.  As I reached the last “branch”, I started to be connected to that proper department, and I was cut off -- THREE TIMES!  Just left with a dial tone.  Arrrgghhh!

Then later in the day I had an appointment with my family doctor.  (I know, they’re not called that any more.  What is it?  Primary care physician?  Or something.)  Anyway. The nurse ushered me into the exam room, and asked very sweetly, “How are you today?“  “Annoyed,” I replied.  I may have explained why.  Then she took my blood pressure.  It was a bit high.  “Oh, you really are annoyed, aren’t you,” says she.  Later the doctor took my BP  (that is not British Petroleum!) again, and it was down some.

Well, one antidote for frustration, or annoyance, is a bit of humor.  Try this on for size --

A young couple get married.  She knows very little about cooking, but she is determined to please her husband.  She gets advice from relatives and friends, and really does her best.  She would serve a meal to her new hubby, who would taste it and say, “Not bad, but not like Mother used to make.”  She would attempt something else, and his response would be, “Not bad, but not like Mother used to make.”  This went on for some little time, but one morning, for whatever reason, she was quite harried, and made a mess of breakfast.  She forgot to plug in the coffee, she burnt the toast, the eggs were underdone, and the bacon was practically raw.  But she served it to her husband anyway, who took one taste and said, “Ah, just like Mother used to make!”


  1. Those phone problems send my bp up, too.

  2. That nurse sounds like a decent human being, I like her!