Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The other day I mentioned the bad stretch of sidewalk I’d had to traverse where the wooden boards were in dreadful condition.  And I talked about trying to reach someone at the City of Mountain View to make a complaint.

Well, I found a website for the city, and a place where one may register comments, complaints, and the like.  So I filled out their form, and sent it off.  Lo! and Behold! I received an answer that actually deals with the issue at hand.  Here is what I received:

Mr. Meyer,

My name is Jack Muench and I am an engineer with the City of Mountain View Public Works Department.  The City is aware of the condition of the wooden sidewalk section along El Camino Real you described in your email as well as the uplifted condition of concrete sidewalk along this stretch of the roadway.  I am happy to let you know that the City will soon begin construction of a project to both replace the wooden section of sidewalk and repair the uplifted sidewalks as well.  This work should begin in late October and be completed before the end of the year.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any additional questions or concerns.   Thank you.

Jack Muench
Senior Civil Engineer

* *
I do hope the work is completed as described.  it will be a great help.  Make a heck of a Christmas present.

Fun --

Golf:  That’s where you put a small ball about an inch and a half in diameter on top of a bigger ball about 7,000 miles in diameter, and try to hit the little one without hitting the bigger one.

A used car dealer showed his customer a 2005 Chevy in great condition.  “And it’s yours for only $6999.”  “I’m willing to give you $3,500,” said the customer.  The car dealer feigned disappointment.  “If at all possible, I’d like to sell you the whole car.”

He was an honest guy, so when asked the speed limit in the factory’s parking lot, he gave an honest answer: “Depends how late you are.”


  1. Nice Christmas, but it's going to ruin Halloween.

  2. Halloween? Oh my, I can just picture the spook ally/ditch that thing could make.