Wednesday, September 22, 2010


People travel the world over to see many sights, but there is much to see right here in the United States -- interesting, beautiful, historic sights that will take your breath away.  These photos came from a couple of calendars that were sent to me.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

The road to Mono Lake, California

The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

The Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn to Manhattan, New York

Autumn in Wisconsin

Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts

Columbia River Highway, Oregon

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Portland Head Lighthouse, Portland, Maine

Monument Valley, Arizona

Covered bridge, Tennessee

Space Needle, Seattle, Washington

Niagara Falls (American Falls), New York

Palisades, Washington, D.C.

Bit of fun --

One office worker was a stickler for good spelling, so when an associate emailed technical documents asking him to “decifer” them, the stickler had to set him straight.  “Decipher” is spelled with a ph, not an ”f”.  In case you’ve forgotten, your computer comes with a spell checker.”  A minute later came the reply:  “Must be dephective.”

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  1. Palisades? I want to know what street that is, that's my hometown! I miss having trees that interlock branches overhead as you go down the street.