Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Aye, yi, ipod!  Somehow I managed to scramble all the music on my ipod.  I know it’s an ipod shuffle, but this was ridiculous.  So I figured that the simplest thing to do was just to delete everything, and start again from scratch.  Hah!  When I’d added music previously, each subsequent song went to the end of the list.  Not this time!  They were scattering all over the place!  So I had Cliff drive me up to the Apple store to see what could be done.  And done it was!  Turned out to be a matter of procedure, and the explanation given me was quite easy to understand.  All back together now.

We used to have managers here in the park.  No more.  Now we have (ahem) Community Administrators.  Same people, mind you.

I had a phone call this morning from Suzanne, a member of  our book club.  Did I happen to remember who was sitting to her left at the last meeting?  And Suzanne described her as a “younger lady.”  Well, this is a senior park - 55 and older, so there is some age range here.  I could not remember, and went to look at the membership list, when Suzanne called me back.  “Could it have been Marty?”  By then I’d figured out that it must have been, but I had to laugh.  Marty is in her mid 80’s.  A very young 80ish, you see.

Humor -
This was in the morning paper:
The elderly lady is at home listening to the radio when she hears a report that there is a car driving the wrong way on the freeway.  Wanting to warn her husband, she calls him on his (hands free, of course) cell phone.  “Honey, I just heard a report on the radio that someone is driving the wrong way on the freeway.  I thought you should be on the lookout.”  He retorts, “Someone?  There are hundreds of them!”

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  1. See what happens when you talk on your cell phone when you drive, folks?

    Meantime, glad you got your Ipod fixed! Thanks, Cliff.