Thursday, September 2, 2010


Thursday, being the first Thursday of the month, was Book Club meeting day.  The two books reviewed were quite different from one another -- one being a fable by Nobel prize winner Jose Saramango, and the other was a detective story.

This is a long way from being a quiet, staid, boring gathering.  On the contrary, people jump in with questions and comments, and soon all kinds of books are being mentioned.  “What was the title of that story?”  “What’s that author’s name?”  “Oh, I can’t read that.  The type’s too small.”  And on and on.  Quite a lively affair, and lots of fun.

Humor --

A soldier was driving a tank in a European village, when he hit a patch of ice.  The tank skidded along the street stopping only after it smashed through the display of a sweet shop.  No one was hurt, but the shop owner fumed, especially after the driver joked, “One kilo of chocolate, please.”  “For one kilo,” snapped the owner, “you could have used the front door.”

Some sailors have a well deserved reputation for concocting excuses to get out of work detail.  For example, an officer received a call from a sailor saying he was sick, ad there was no way he could leave the barracks.  “What’s wrong?” the officer asked.  “I’m in a coma,” was the response.

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