Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Back in May I had a posting that talked about Avenidas,  a senior health care center for adults. I’d mentioned that I’d been given a tour of the facilities, and found it most interesting.  Staff are most friendly and eager to help.  My main interest would not necessarily be the activities, but the possible social interaction since it is difficult for me to get out and meet people.  It’s rather pricey, but the Veterans Administration would pay for it once they had funds.  That might take several months.

Then I was invited back for a full day visit, including lunch.  Frankly I was disappointed.  They won’t allow me to use my scooter, so it is difficult for me to come up to someone and introduce myself.  When the gentleman who was guiding me around asked my opinion, I said that I was disappointed.  “Well, once you have VA approval, will you at least give it a try for a month?” he asked me.  I said I would.

Today I had a call from VA  saying I’d been approved for two days a week.  So now I will call Avenidas and find out what’s next.  I said I’d give it a try, and I will.

Humor --

This is the story of a very poor family.  The father works hard, but earns barely enough to meet ends, so the little girl rarely has anything new or gifts of any kind.

One day the father comes home and hands the little girl a small package.
“Oh, Papa!  For me?”
“It’s just a trinket.”
“Oh, Papa, you make me so happy!”
“It’s just a trinket.”
“You mean this is just for me?”
“Look, Pumpkin, It’s just a trinket.”
So she opens the package.
“Papa?  A bottle of Coca Cola?”
“Trinket it.”

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