Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sorry I'm late with this. Had trouble getting online.


As I’d mentioned previously, after my hospitalization, I was assigned to an 8 weeks basic training company. We were told that by the last week of training, we would either receive a heavy weapons MOS (that’s a number describing the job trained for), or, failing that, a light weapons number. None of us were delighted with the notion of going to Korea, but heavy weapons was preferred, because light (presumably) would be in the very front lines. And we knew which number was which.

So in the last week, there was posted on the side of the Orderly Room all the trainee names with corresponding MOS number. There was quite a crowd around the posting when I managed to get there, so I had to wait, and then try to squeeeeze my way in. Scanned down the list for my name, and then across to the number. Now at this late date I do not remember the numbers, so I’m making up my own. Let’s say heavy weapons was 5401, and light weapons was 5515. As I scanned down the list, I was seeing 5401’s and 5515’s. Got to my name -- 4050. (Made up number). 4050? What on earth is that? So I went into the Orderly Room and asked the company clerk, “What’s a 4050?” He looked at me blankly, and finally said, “I dunno.” Interesting. Since he was a company clerk, HE was a 4050. Bright fellow. At any rate, I think my bum knee was doing its job. I was to be a company clerk. I did have typing skills, and office experience. My guess is that they were not going to put me in the front lines with a bum knee, and the chance to shoot one of our own. Even if they were sending me to the Far East. The next step was to receive orders. Most all of us expected orders for FECOM -- Far East Command. And that likely meant Korea, though some lucky souls might end up in Japan. We were told that following the end of training, we would be receiving 15 days leave before departure to wherever. We all looked forward to THAT!

Next time -- army glasses, and how things get screwed up.

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  2. Phew on the number! And those pictures are funny!