Friday, June 5, 2009


Many years ago a young lady named Amalie Ansorge enrolled in a high school Latin class where she found herself seated behind another young lady named Mary Belfi. And, as these things happen, the two became fast friends. Years passed, and Mary met an aspiring young artist named Clark Hulings. They fell in love, married in 1966. and Mary became Mary Hulings.

A year or two later Amalie met Donald Meyer, the two fell in love, married in 1970, and Amalie became Amalie Meyer. Early on, the Meyer’s had flown east from California to New York to visit with some of Amalie’s relatives, and then they drove to Connecticut to visit the Hulings. It turned out that Clark had received a commission to do an oil painting of the Grand Canyon, and that gave quite a boost to his career.

Clark’s work is realistic, and while I am obviously biased, and believe his work to be absolutely top notch, I am not alone. His web URL is, and of course you are free to visit the site on your own, but I received permission to post photos of some of his paintings on my blog. So I hope you enjoy these!

Grand Canyon in winter.

Clark does love to paint the ever patient burro.

He is well renowned for his rural landscapes,

including this one.

If I remember correctly, he named this "lonely man"

This is "The Pink Parasol". I have a print of this hanging over my bed. Clark often manages to get a bit of red into his paintings.

What more can I say?

And this one is "Onteniente". If I'm reading the Spanish correctly in Google, it is a city in Valencia, Spain. I first saw this in their home in Connecticut, and when the front door was opened, light simply flooded the painting. It was gorgeous. They now live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

And you want humor, too? Okay.

Ratio of an igloo's circumference to its diameter:
Eskimo Pi

2000 pounds of Chinese soup:
Won ton

1 millionth of a mouthwash:
1 microscope

Time between slipping on a peel and smacking the pavement:
1 bananosecond

Weight an evangelist carries with God:
1 billigram

Time it takes to sail 220 yards at 1 nautical mile per hour:

10 cards:
1 decacards

16.5 feet in the Twilight Zone:
1 Rod Serling

Half of a large intestine:
1 semicolon

Basic unit of laryngitis:
1 hoarsepower

Shortest distance between two jokes:
A straight line

454 graham crackers:
1 pound cake


  1. But, but, why would you pound a cake? Unless it's a fruitcake sent by your great aunt whoever, but never mind. (Dave Barry and his mom used to drop the great yearly gift onto the floor in front of the garage door and take turns slamming the door into it while loudly saying, GEE! It's a SHAME we DROPPED the FRUITCAKE! (Slam.) Repeating as needed.

  2. Having hit post too fast... Those paintings are gorgeous. And I can say that: I'm the daughter of an art dealer and grew up museumhopping with Dad in the summers.

  3. He's amazing! Thanks for introducing me to his work! This one
    looks like the place where we adopted our border collie, Pippa!

  4. Oh Don! I love those paintings, thank you so much for sharing them. It was a wonderful vacation for me! You are still in my thoughts :-}