Monday, June 18, 2012


Saturday was HOT.  that’s spelled s c o r c h i n g.  As in 94 degrees.  Some areas around here were over a hundred!  Okay, I know that in some parts of the world, that’s the norm.  But not for us spoiled Northern Californians.

I don’t have this home air conditioned.  I do have a water cooler, aka, swamp cooler on the roof, and because our humidity is fairly low, the cooler keeps this place about 10 degrees cooler than outside.  That’s one reason I know it hit 94.  It was 84 inside, and confirmed by the Sunday newspaper.  But I do have a mugwump air conditioner in the den.  Guess where I spent most of the day.

Cartoonish signs --

Be sure to read the bottom line on this sign.


  1. The bridge is out ahead... I hope that was just a fun Photoshop job--but it's a great spoof.

  2. Scorching here is 68-70F. Seriously. We had our heatwave in May. Four or five days of those temps and no rain, you can look it up.

  3. It's supposed to hit 97 here today, with 70% humidity.
    In late july/august the humidity is often in tho 90% range.