Monday, June 11, 2012


Complete with color swatch and comparison.

My thanks to the team of researchers in Europe (Hi, Lynn) for their extensive search for the right answer.  The other day I showed my, you should pardon the expression, green shirt.  There were a number of comments as to the particular shade of green, ranging from pale to pea, and others in between.  None were quite right, and I am happy to bring you the results from my research team.

Here is the color swatch the team decided upon --

There was some discussion as to the meaning of the term Tasman, and it was finally determined that that is the color Aussies turn when riding on the Tasman Sea.

Now here is the color swatch compared to the shirt --

Now if you care to differ, that is your right.

But we are not changing our minds.

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I'm very good at opening childproof caps... with a hammer.

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  1. I speak on behalf of the research team to say we're glad our results have been approved.