Monday, August 5, 2013


Really!  A friend of mine (hi, Boyd) alerted me to the SFJFF - the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, and to one specific film that would be playing nearby.  As I was born and raised in San Francisco, San Francisco - the American Jerusalem particularly interested me.

Getting tickets started off ominously. The film was only going to be played the one time at this location, and I had little more than a week to get tickets. The online website gave a phone number to call, and when I did, I got a message saying to leave a message, and someone would get back to me. That day no one did. I tried the next day with the same results, by which time I’d reached the weekend preceding the show.  No calls over the weekend. Finally, on Monday before the showing, someone did call. I ordered tickets for Cliff and me.

Saturday we left at what I thought was early, only to find a parking lot jammed with cars. We also saw the line of people waiting to get in.  It was only about a block and a half long.  I’d been warned that the show was sold out! Cliff stopped and got my scooter out of the back of the van, and I rode over and got in line while Cliff found a place to park.

We waited. And we waited. The line was not moving. When it did start to move forward, it was moving pretty fast -- too fast for people to be picking up tickets at Will Call, which is where our tickets were supposed to be.  So I sent Cliff to go find Will Call, and he came back with our tickets. The line shuffled along, and we finally found ourselves inside.  Dark.  The movie had not yet started, so I turned on my scooter headlight. I’d been told that there was wheelchair space at the back of the theater, but with the crowd, I couldn’t see it. Someone called out “Over here!” and sure enough, there was a slot for me to park, with a seat for Cliff right next to me.  Good.

And then what happened?  Tune in tomorrow and learn how the Lone Ranger and Tonto ... uh wrong film ... and learn about the film itself.  Most interesting.

Humor --

Remember these?

Does your husband
Grunt and grumble
Rant and rave
Shoot the brute some

                                          If fewer strokes
                                         Are what you crave
                                         You're out of the rough

You'll love your wife
You'll love her paw
You'll even love
Your mother-in-law
If you use

                   ...and my favorite --

                                           Ben met Anna
                                           Made a hit
                                           Neglected beard
                                           Ben - Anna split


  1. You're leaving us with a Cliff-hanger.

  2. That AlisonH is a sharp one! I "DON" know how to top that.