Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It has been said that bad things happen in three’s, and I have now had my share.  Last week my camera went on the sick list, and we sent it back to the manufacturer.  Turns out that by giving back the defective camera, I get a hefty discount on a new one that will cost very little more than the repair.

Several days ago Cliff took the van over to the car wash for its semi-annual bath.  (Oh, we really do that more than twice a year.)  But when he got back, he discovered that the right rear sliding door wouldn’t open.  “Is the door locked?” I asked.  Cliff checked, but no, that was not the answer.  So early this morning he drove it over to the shop to have it repaired.  It’s supposed to be ready this afternoon.  At least it’s clean.

No, not this afternoon. The problem is a broken door handle. They have to order parts that won’t be in until tomorrow morning. But Cliff has a dental appointment, so he will pick up the car and take it back on another day.

(Next day)  The shop called, and said the parts are in. Now Cliff can take the car back to get the job finished.

As if that were not enough, I’m having trouble with my internet connection. And what really makes it annoying is that the problem is intermittent. I’d be online when all of a sudden nothing moves.  I’d glance down at the modem and discover that one or two lights are out.  So I called my internet service provider (ISP, for you initial lovers), and after some fiddling around, it was decided that the phone jack filter needs replacing.  So it’s a good thing that Cliff picked up the car because he has now gone to pick up new filters.

Ah, new filter installed.  Everything works fine.

Fun time --

I figured you should have breakfast in bed on your birthday. 
Can you reach the stove okay?


  1. So did the car wash break the door handle?

  2. Perhaps AlisonH is suggesting experience and judgment would indicate looking for a new place to wash the van?

    Could be a coincidence.... we're gonna want answers in the blog!