Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DOGS, part 2

Another group of pooches we can enjoy.

I'se hungr...shleepy.

 We're breakin' outta here!

Well, I'M comfortable!

They oughta make one of these big enough for me.

Ah! Solid comfort!

We're gonna teach the kids how to swim.

You don't LOOK like my ma.

Warmest place I could find.

Oh, that was a funny one! Tell me another joke.

Fun --

When everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.

What do you call an economist with a prediction?  Wrong.

Be really nice to your family and friends; you never know when you might need them to empty your bedpan.

I’m not over-weight; I’m size small.

You are never completely worthless. You can always serve as a bad example.


  1. I like the sheep one. (I know you're so surprised.)

  2. It's nice when a dog gets a kitten. We had old cats and then Pippa as a puppy and they never really accepted her. When we got Pippa her own baby kitten she seemed so happy-- finally a cat that liked her!