Saturday, July 20, 2013


That’s the title that came with these pics. They are a variety of seemingly unrelated photographs, as we gasp at the beauty, or originality, audacity, or idiocy of each.  You’ll see what I mean.

WOW!  Talk about one's own personal aquarium! 

Hard to believe that those are real colors.

 Ah, a flutterby, er, um, butterfly

Don't feed the animals. The ones in the cage, I mean.

Simply beautiful

For someone who has a hard time getting the words out.

I think this guy belongs with the Staying Young group.
Just curious. How does he stop at the bottom?

Now that I think is clever.

The original sea horse.

I can think of other ways to take a bath.

Humor --

Light travels faster than sound. "That's why some people appear to be brilliant until you hear them speak.

My wife and I are a forgiving couple.  Years ago she forgave me for not being Robert Redford.  On her birthday, I forgave her for not being Dolly Parton!
            ~ Rodney Dangerfield

An Oklahoma State Trooper pulls over a pick-up truck on I-40 and says to the driver,"Got any ID?"  The Driver says,  "Bout wut?"


  1. That first one gives new meaning to sleeping with the fishies.

  2. That first one reminds me of my nephew's bedroom. He chose to have it decorated with a Sponge Bob Square Pants theme. ALL the walls were painted a deep blue and then under sea characters were put on. He's color blind and deep blue is his favorite color.