Tuesday, July 16, 2013


There are several major markets in our area, and we use many for our shopping needs.  But there is one in particular that we really like.  Nob Hill over on Grant Road was bought out by Raley’s of Sacramento several years ago. Then they proceeded to build a brand new market about a hundred yards away in the same shopping center.  While we thought the old one was pretty good, the new one is a real dandy.

In addition to the usual fruit and vegetable area, and the rows of packaged and canned goods, they have a bakery where they prepare much of the baked goods.  There is an extensive deli section, including made-to-order sandwiches. But in addition, my bank has a branch there, so it easy to do my banking, and the Post Office also has a branch there. No, no spa or swimming pool. And I have to go elsewhere to buy clothes. There was one ‘thing’ that they brought over from the old store -- the most friendly and helpful staff I’ve ever encountered. I may ask where something is, and someone will not only tell me which aisle, but lead the way! Hard to beat that.

The other day an unusual happening took place.  I didn’t have any grocery shopping to do, but I did need to do my banking.  So while I was at one end of the store, Cliff headed down to the deli to order himself a sandwich.  “Meet me at the deli section,” he said.  So when I finished what I had to do, I scootered across to the other side of the store. Cliff was at the counter waiting for his sandwich to be constructed, and behind him were two local firemen waiting their turn.  When I pulled up behind them, they turned to see me, and even offered to let me get ahead of them.  I said I was just waiting for my son.  Then one fellow smiled and said, “Do you still have your birds?”  I didn’t recognize him, but he had to be one of the crew that used to come pick me up after I’d fallen.  And that was more than 4 years ago before Cliff came to live with me!

Krazy Kartoons --

What?  No fish?



  1. Looking at that picture: how did they make a chicken that was all white meat?

    And how cool that the firemen recognized you. (Oh course they did, Don! Who else makes people laugh like you do?)

  2. There are times Pippa could use an assistant branch manager.