Saturday, May 11, 2013


Bringing you a little closer to beautiful nature.  Smell the freshness!

 Fun -

Small Children Writing About the Ocean...

This is a picture of an octopus. It has eight testicles.(Kelly, age 6 )

If you are surrounded by ocean, you are an island. If you don't have ocean all round you, you are incontinent. (Mike , age 7)

Sharks are ugly and mean, and have big teeth, just like Emily Richardson. She's not my friend any more. (Kylie, age 6)

My uncle goes out in his boat with 2 other men and a woman and pots and comes back with crabs. (Millie, age 6)

When ships had sails, they used to use the trade winds to cross the ocean. Sometimes when the wind didn't blow the sailors would whistle to make the wind come. My brother said they would have been better off eating beans. (William, age 7)

Other kinda fun --

This morning as I glanced down the hall, here, side-by-side, came Cliff (6 foot something) and Pepper (about 3 inches high).  Wish I'd had the camera handy. That really looked funny!

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  1. Was that first picture buttercups? They used to grow wild in the lawns where I grew up, I haven't seen them since I left for college!