Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The day that Albert Einstein most feared may have finally arrived.
Here is proof!

 It's here.

Humor out of real life --

There was a column in the paper this morning by and about teenager who has a fear of needles, as in vaccinations. That reminded me of the time, about a million years ago, when I was in the army.  I was a company clerk, and one day my First Sergeant said he was going to donate blood.  Did I want to go with him?  It really wasn’t a question.  Yeah, sure.  I’d donated blood before, and that didn’t bother me.  So off we went.

 He went first.  When I had finished, and returned to the waiting room, I looked around, but didn’t see him.  “Are you looking for Sergeant Robertson?” a nurse asked me.  “Oh, yes,” I responded.  “He will be out in a little while,” the nurse told me.  “He passed out.”

No, I didn’t bug him about it.


  1. But he went and he didn't let his fear of needles stop him. Good man, and you, too, for donating--thank you.

  2. unfortunately, I think Einstein was right - i see this all the time!