Friday, January 25, 2013


...and cute, and funny, and ... -- well, see  for yourself!

...and don't come back!

Let's be friends.

Put that back!  It's my move.

 Hey! Get your foot outta my mouf!

I'm hungr -- sleepy.

I just found it like this!  Honest!

We're waiting for the ice cream truck.

Nice 'n comfy.

I can't tell if it's yawning or yelling.

Fun -


This story took place when there used to be scales on the street that, when you stepped up and dropped in your coin, would print out your weight and fortune.

A couple was walking down the street when the man spotted just such a scale. He stepped up on it, dropped in his coin, and when the printout came out, read what it said:  YOU ARE WISE, HANDSOME, SUAVE,AND DEBONAIR.

His wife, reading this over his shoulder, said, "They got your weight wrong, too!"


  1. That first one--vintage bossy corvid behavior.

  2. I might be repeating myself when I tell the story that when Pippa was a puppy she used to, USED to chase birds. Then one day, she just refused to chase Magpies. Froze. Uh uh. Not going and never ever approached one again.

  3. Awwww... I can practically smell the puppy breath! (One of my favorite smells:-} )