Saturday, January 5, 2013


It happened to me again. I was looking for something else when I happened upon many of the photographs that I had used on the 2012 blogs. So I chose a few of my favorites. Some you may find cute; others to be funny. At any rate, I hope you enjoy them.

I swear I didn't do it.

Meerkats and merely a cat.

Humor, even if unintended --


For many years Amalie had used a chopper to cut up, mince, and dice vegetables.  Then the chopper she had been using broke, and she retrieved another from a closet where she kept a spare.  The following is an exact duplication of the instructions on the chopper carton, including, um, interesting capitalization:

In order  that the article has minced could be perfectly cut, Knocked Vigorously on the bud Superior hand Opened.

The most or less great number of knocks determines the fineness of cup.  The rotation of knives is made automatically and regularly.

For the cleaning, to pull the inferior bell and to release the recipient Superior.  Well to rinse the machine, if possible to the running water.  Re-assembly in Senses inverts.  All parts metallic are executed in a materials has a test of the rust.


  1. Love it! I had a camera once that had an instruction manual stating, Wait until the light becomes unglow.

  2. Perfectly.

    That is funny!

    Glad to see the twenty-twelve rehash o'faves, too!