Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Saturday evening Cliff said he wanted to get himself a pizza, so he called our favorite pizza parlor, and placed an order. Then he went out to the car to go pick it up. Put the key in the ignition, turned the key, and -- you guessed it -- dead battery.  So he came back in, and called to have it delivered, which they did.

But a dead battery?  Seems I just bought that thing. I asked Cliff to check the glove box in the car for the paper work.  Turns out that I’d replaced the battery 15 months ago, and it had a 36 month warranty.  Cliff was busy telling me it might not be the battery -- maybe the alternator, maybe some other electrical problem! Yikes!

So the following morning I phoned AAA, and they sent out a tow truck.  The driver checked the alternator; that wasn’t the problem.  He ended up replacing the battery at no cost; just reduced the time on the warranty. Whew!

Fun --


This is a game invented by Calvin (of cartoon fame) in which one makes the rules up as one goes along. Rules cannot be used twice. No Calvinball game is like another. The game may involve wickets, mallets, volleyballs, and additional equipment as well as masks.

There is only one permanent rule in Calvinball: One can't play it in the same way twice. For example, in one game of Calvinball, the goal was to capture one's opponent's flag, whereas in a different game of Calvinball, the goal was to score points by hitting badminton shuttlecocks against trees using a croquet mallet. An apparent rule in Calvinball is that one must wear a black mask and that one isn't allowed to question the mask. Another apparent rule is that any new rule made up by each player must be accepted.


  1. That's a happy story. Pizza delivered and battery replaced. All's well that ends well!

  2. Phew! And pizza to top it off (with extras: olive it's good news now.)