Monday, November 1, 2010


Somehow I'm reminded of an incident that happened many years ago.  Our family was living in a flat in San Francisco.  The owner had the flat above us.  My “little” nephew was in junior high at the time, and still quite short, about maybe 5’4” or so, (he is now about 6'3") and with an unblemished complexion. 

He wanted to get dressed up for the Halloween parade that was about to start, but had no idea what to wear.  His mother came to the rescue.  She dressed him in one of her blouses and skirt, put makeup on his face, and did something about his hair, perhaps a scarf.  He was adorable!

The first thing he wanted to do was go upstairs and trick-or-treat our landlady.  So up he went, rang the bell, and when she answered the door, yelled, “Trick or Treat!”  “Okay”, said the landlady,  “but little girl, you’re not in costume.”  He never lived it down.

This video is amazing!  It had me wondering if there was a person inside the walrus suit.

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  1. Ouuuuuch! Poor guy! (Did she know? Was she tweaking him? I wonder.)