Tuesday, November 9, 2010


At Avenidas they play music CD’s at lunch time.  I asked if they wanted any more music, and was given an affirmative answer.  So I made up one of my most favorite play lists (a few of you, Alison, Diana and LynnM) know which one I mean, and yesterday I delivered it.  It was played at noon, and one of the staff was humming along as she helped serve lunch.

And that reminded me of something that had happened many years ago, before Amalie and I were married. We belonged to the local Jewish Community Center young adult group  that usually held its events and dances at the center, but there was one time when the hall was not available to us on the night we wanted.  Somebody discovered that we could rent the local YMCA hall, but they had certain restrictions on its use.  For one, we had to supply our own music, but their technician would be the one to operate the sound system.

Now this was long before the days of CD’s or DVD’s, but I had a reel-to-reel recorder, and a way to transcribe music onto blank tape.  (I don’t remember how.)  Anyway, Amalie and I made up a reel of the music we liked, and brought it to the dance.  The evening’s festivities started, and the technician played our tape. I was hoping the music was suitable.  Couples started dancing.  And then I noticed something I’d never heard before -- they were singing on the dance floor!

Cartoon -

I told you to shut your mouth!

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